Learning to Play in the Dirt (uh…soil)

If you were not there, you missed a fun evening at the Annex when we created small pots of accent plants from the bits and pieces that were available. 

Rosemarie worked with those interested in making the ‘moss balls’ that were so popular last year at the Spring Exhibit.  Under her tutelage the bits and pieces materialized into works of art.

Other material had been provided by Ed H and Lee and we cut and pruned and created potential forests and some individual small tree pots.  Only time will tell how our work will develop but that is the nature of bonsai.

More important was teaching those who had never tried working with raw material.  A couple of our workers were very enthusiastic and helped trim and pot and spread finishing soil over the top.  That is...unless there was a worm or a rolly-polly to be rescued from the soil bin and released into the wild.  Maybe when they are older than three and five years they will be teaching us all.

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