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NovemberWinter is Coming

Lee Vanderpool

  If you have not provided arrangements for cold protection for your bonsai, you are pushing the limit. The first frost could happen any day - or night! Although the National Weather Service has forecast a milder-than-average winter this year due to El Nino conditions, we can still expect to have a few freezing events during the winter season. 

   Continue to water your bonsai although the weather has turned cooler. A cool day with north or west wind will quickly dry a shallow bonsai pot and your bonsai could be in danger of desiccation, leaf loss and possible death. Deciduous trees should be losing their leaves now and will remain dormant throughout the winter, requiring no fertilizer and less water than usual. 

   Evergreens on the other hand, never go completely dormant in our climate with their root systems continuing to develop and the requirement for water, although reduced, is still present. A couple of applications of super fine oil spaced two weeks apart will destroy hibernating insects and most of their eggs. Do not apply oil spray to evergreens such as junipers and pines since it will clog their pores and not allow them to breath. You can prune junipers now to prepare them for the burst of growth as soon as warm weather returns.  If careful and roots are not disturbed too much, repotting of junipers, pines, boxwoods and most other evergreen plants may be undertaken. Wait until late winter or early spring to repot deciduous plants.  This is a good time to do those jobs of mixing soil, cleaning pots, sharpening tools and other necessary but tedious actions needed to prepare for the spring repotting frenzy. 

Enjoy the season!   


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