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May - Summer Is Here In Earnest

Lee Vanderpool

We have had the most lengthy Spring in my recollection - almost two months! Spring here in Northwest Florida usually lasts from a week to 10 days! This month, nighttime temperatures should climb into the 70’s or low 80’s, perfect for rooting cuttings and starting new plants by division, grafting, air layering or sticking cuttings. Any of these procedures will result in new plants, some better than others. 

I have grafted about 20 camellias on to japonica rootstock and some of them have already begun to put out new leaves, a good sign of success. Do not be intimidated by any of these reproductive methods. All of them may easily be accomplished by even the most basic gardener and the results are very gratifying. An added bonus is that you will gain new plants for potential bonsai trees. 

This is the time to begin a regular fertilizing routine. Pick a day of the week and fertilize on that day, possibly each week, with a weak strength liquid fertilizer. Alternatively, give small amounts of granular or organic fertilizer every two weeks. 

Don’t forget to rotate your trees on their benches every few days so that all sides of the plant will get full exposure to sunlight on a regular basis. Leaving the same side of the plant in the full sun all the time will eventually result in lopsided growth of new foliage. 

If you have not already begun, trim elms, maples, sweet gum and other deciduous plants back to one or two leaves or pair of leaves as soon as they have put out five or six internodes. 

Pine candles may be removed now to encourage more and shorter candles in the late summer or fall. Junipers should be kept trimmed so they do not get out of their design.

This is a busy bonsai activity time. 

Don’t forget the auction on June 1st. Have a good summer.

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