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Beginning of Winter and No Cold!

(OOPS! Somebody left the door open!)

by Lee V

Here it is the very end of December as this is written and we have seen a negligible amount of cold or even cool weather. We need at least a few days of cold to put our trees into dormancy - some of my elms still have last summers leaves, green as ever. My Japanese maples which had not lost their leaves turned crimson last week after one night of just above freezing temperatures. This is the time to do all those things we put off doing the rest of the year - clean pots, mix soil, mix muck and the other mundane chores which are necessary for successful completion of the chores of the very busy season which will follow shortly. Don't forget to apply dormant oil spray to your trees on a day when the temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit to destroy insects and their eggs which are wintering over in the cracks of bark on your trees.

This should be done twice about two weeks apart to ensure good coverage of the entire plant. Fungicide spray is also essential right now since roots are basically not working to keep the tree functioning and wet feet may allow root rot to get a foothold. Again, spray a couple of times with different fungicides to ensure complete coverage. Do not spray pine trees with fungicide since they thrive with a beneficial fungus on their roots and fungicide will destroy that fungus. Speaking of pines, check pine needles for small gray bumps during the winter. If they are present, you have scale and should apply a systemic scalicide and follow that up with foliar spray when the weather turns warmer. This is particularly important since pines may be killed by needle scale. This is not my favorite time of year but necessary. Enjoy the holidays.

As Lee sent in his article when he wrote it and I was slow in updating, this is all still relevant information. You may have to wait a few days to apply the information!

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