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May - Summer is on the Way 

Lee Vanderpool

Spring has just now arrived in the north while we are well on our way to summer. Temperatures and humidity are increasing by the day and, after a rather cool spring, everything is busting out with new leaves and flowers.

You should be establishing your fertilizing regime so your trees will maintain their health. Dry winds have begun already so watch the new, tender leaves on your trees and other plants for burned edges. If possible, place your plants in a less windy environment such as behind a fence away from the prevailing wind or, at least, in the protection of a tree or shrub.

Water is critical now while the new foliage is growing or the trees are preparing to flower. Daily watering of many are needed but some, such as pines and junipers, only need to be watered when the top inch of soil in the pot is dry. Missing a watering period at this time may well result in damage or death of a prized tree.

Enjoy the rest of spring and enjoy the beauty of your trees during this growing season. 

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