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March - Anything Can Happen!

Lee Vanderpool

Have you ever seen such crazy weather? Warm, then cold, then colder, then warm again - trees do not know what to do. Hopefully the weather has stabilized for the remainder of the winter season. Another freeze could mean real trouble for some of the maples and elms that have begun to put out their spring foliage. 

Camellias are already past their prime and the azaleas are beginning to bloom. Most of your repotting should be done by now. Pines and junipers can still be repotted if not too much root disturbance is done. 

It is time to begin to fertilize your trees. Use organic or inorganic but be sure to alternate between several kinds of fertilizers throughout the growing season. Fish emulsion or cottonseed meal does not smell good but trees love it.  Good commercial inorganic fertilizer is good also and the plants do not know the difference.

Time is rapidly approaching that you must begin pinching elms, maples and azaleas. From past experience, we know that pinching new foliage is a never-ending task but necessary to gain good ramification of your bonsai. 

My flowering Japanese quince is in full bloom and looks magnificent! The flowering trees and shrubs have enjoyed the extra long cold weather we have had.

Enjoy the season - this is the best time of the year!

In Memory…

Two of our bonsai friends...

Ben Oki passed away recently. He was a long time friend of Florida bonsai and FWBBS in particular.

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Van Watson, our friend from Pensacola passed away a short time ago. She was bonsai in size and a strong supporter of all of Northwest Florida.

Rest in Peace. We will miss both of you.

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