Lee Vanderpool

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Lee Vanderpool receives Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 BSF Convention in Orlando

Lee’s dedication to BSF has spanned 30+ years.  He was editor of the BSF Magazine for many years; served as District Representative for District 1; organized statewide conventions, has written articles for local, state, national and international publications.  These are only a few of the positions and jobs he held over the years.

In addition to BSF service he has served in the FWBBS offices of president, vice-president, secretary and show organizer more times than we can count.  His knowledge of horticulture makes him the first choice when we ask the question “what is that tree, shrub, vine..., and will it grow in our area?”

Lee is the 3rd recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fort Walton Beach Bonsai Society.  He joins a distinguished group of bonsai artists and enthusiasts.

Congratulations, Lee.  We are proud of you.

Previous winners were Jean C. Smith and Elyse J. Van Dyke

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