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No more workshops planned for the immediate future.

Russell Coker in May, 2018


Pics from Russell’s latest workshop

Check out the pictures in the January 2018 Newsletter

Russell Coker 

Visited in November 2017


Ted Matson

What a treat to have Ted with us again. 

If I only had a recording of all he said.

We had tiny pots of lovely mame trees from Lee, to trees taller than any of us from Charles.  A workshop with Ted is always an education.  Thanks to all who came and brought trees.

We will miss having Ted for programs.  His schedule in California at the Huntington Collection is taking all his time

DSC 0051

DSC 0068
DSC 0057

Thanks to all who brought trees and thank you, Ted Matson.  This was Ted’s last pass through Florida as a traveling teacher.  We will miss his teaching.

You can see some of the trees Ted is responsible for at The Huntington by going to



2016-2017 Planned Workshops

Thanks, Jim Vanlandingham.  Terrific workshop, as usual

DSC 0066(2)

Thanks to Jim for sharing years of experience.

All photos of the workshop are by Rosemarie V

All upcoming workshops are tentative.  Stay tuned!


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Observers are always welcome. 

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